The season from The Game / Ludus to Silence / Silentium has ended.
New concerts are on the horizon.

In July, the Estonian Sinfonietta is delighted to reunite with conductor Anna-Maria Helsing in Mariehamn. The Åland Islands Cultural Association Katrina, named after the novel "Katrina" by Sally Salminen, a three-time Nobel Prize for Literature nominee born in Åland, is bringing to the stage a musical production of „Katrina” by Åland-born composer Jack Mattsson, inspired by this very book.
An exciting collaboration awaits!

At the end of August, the Estonian Sinfonietta will open the Tallinn Chamber Music Festival, with our guest concertmaster Anna-Liisa Bezrodny as the Artistic Director.

And then it will already be autumn and the beginning of a new season. Unlike the Estonian Sinfonietta's usual performances under the leadership of the concertmaster, several concerts in the new season will feature a conductor! One of the most special venues of the autumn season will surely be the grand hall of the Cologne Philharmonic, where the Estonian Sinfonietta will perform on November 3rd in the series „European Classics at the Cologne Philharmonic” under the baton of conductor Maria Seletskaja. The soloists will be Hans Christian Aavik, Maila Laidna, and Andreas Lend. The program includes music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Arvo Pärt.
But let's start at the beginning, with the opening concert.


On Sunday, September 29th at 5 PM, the Estonian Sinfonietta will begin its new season in the White Hall of the House of the Blackheads with music by renowned Viennese classicists Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven. But that's not all! The concert will also feature a premiere. For the first time in Estonia, the Sinfonia in C, composed over 300 years ago by the lady hailed as one of the most ingenious composers of her time, Marianna Martines, will be performed. The soloist and concertmaster for the evening will be Peeter Margus.

Marianna Martines
Sinfonia in C
Ludwig van Beethoven
Romance No.1 Op.40
Joseph Haydn
Poco Adagio cantabile from String Quartet „Emperor” Op.76 No.3
Ludwig van Beethoven
Romance No.2 Op.50
Joseph Haydn
Symphony No.53 „L’Imperiale”

Tickets are available at Piletilevi and at the concert venue an hour before.